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“Açık Yeşil Meze – Catering” wills to leave an unforgettable taste and presents a food culture. In that case, we produce 2,5 tons (2500 kgs) of appetizers, deserts and hot meals in a day.

  • Our Basic Principle is, never giving up the quality we have, hygiene and the cold chamber!
  • Our Assurance is having a teamwork of specialists over 21 years of experience!
  • Our References are, working with our country’s leading chainstores and respected associations.

If you want to satisfy your guests by giving a perfect feast in your special days like commemorations, presentations, celebrations, meetings, conventions you can call “Açık Yeşil Meze – Catering”.

Açık Yeşil Meze – Catering”, has a capacity of accommodating between 50 to 3000 guests. Also “Açık Yeşil Meze – Catering” can help you by creating the atmosphere you want, wherever you want in full acceptation of the word. Only you can do is joining as a guest to the invitation you gave.

Our new “Açık Yeşil Restaurant" got into service with 150 seats capacity by serving only our products during luch time. Such as cold appetizers, grills, mantı cources and fixed menus. We can also give catering and table d'hote services if demanded. Our stable motto is Hygiene and Quality.

Our kitchen is periodicaly inspected by “Country Agriculture Directorship” and TUBITAK.

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